Blood pressure

Hypertension is becoming more and more common. Because it is very harmful and seriously threatens the health of patients, blood pressure should be constantly monitored no matter what kind of treatment is taken. Then, what problems should be paid attention to when measuring blood pressure in patients with hypertension?

Accuracy of blood pressure measurement

The accuracy of blood pressure measurement not only depends on whether the measurement method is correct but also requires the avoidance of some physiological factors (such as activity, cold, stress or drinking tea, coffee, etc.), so the following issues should be paid attention to when measuring blood pressure:

  1. It is best to monitor blood pressure during medication 1 hour after morning, after urination, before medication, before breakfast, and in a sitting position. Before measurement, the patient should rest for a while. The chair is best to have a back and arms to support.
  2. The inflatable cuff is tied to the upper arm after flattening, the lower edge of the cuff should be 2-3cm from the elbow socket; the chest piece of the stethoscope should be placed on the brachial artery, and do not touch the cuff.
  3. The deflation speed should be 2mm / sec. It should not be too fast. Generally, the right upper extremity shall prevail. 2-3 consecutive measurements shall be taken and the average value shall be taken.

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