The Distinctive-Healthy People in Our Society
  • Displaced people do not want to be labeled disabled, because they are fully active people in our society.
  • Finally, if we want people of different backgrounds to enjoy full life in equal governance and status, the greatest value should come from us and the organizations.

On December 3, International Day for Persons with Disabilities is celebrated. The reason for showing this date on the calendar is to raise awareness among the population about the specific needs of people with disabilities and to ensure among all those participating in this community that they represent 15% of the global population. Because fighting for the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities is everyone’s responsibility.

It is a great value for human health. Unfortunately, this value was not given to everyone. Today there are millions of unruly people in the world. Of course, the reasons may be different. Disability is not a game, and people try to overcome adversity and live a full life. There are people who are optimistic about their lives even after their disability. Such people are never called disabled, because they are the other people who work in our community, who lead active lives. Therefore, they have the opportunity to move freely.

Types of disabilities

There are different types of disabilities, but the goal must be met the same as any disability: removing barriers that prevent access to the community. We are not only talking about eliminating those building blocks that affect people with physical disabilities and mobility problems, but also, all barriers that prevent, for example, communication from people with intellectual disabilities, which make it difficult to enter the labor market. There are people with intellectual disabilities or that control the taking of places for people with intellectual disabilities.

Since there are different types of disabilities, the reason for this disability is also different. It may be caused by hereditary or genetic factor, devastating diseases or accidents. But you have to keep in mind that depending on the type of disability, the individual’s needs vary. We cannot help a person with a hearing impairment the same way a person is suffering from a spirit.

Challenges Faced by Children with Disabilities

A child with health problems comes to high school not only to get an education, but also to try to find himself in the surrounding communities, learn how to talk to his peers, find passion, learn how to get out of different situations. But they often face such challenges:

Parents’ negative attitude to the point that a disabled child is learning in class with their healthy child.

Many parents object to such communication. Perhaps they want their child’s world to be “perfect.” This position is not only bad; it is the first destruction in the area of ​​their child. Under the influence of the parents it was created the psyche. If you teach theian and the false sense of the world, then the child in the future will face great challenges.

Children’s attitude to the “special” classmate

A disabled child without mental retardation can easily graduate school. Up front, he has trouble interacting with his classmates. The psychology of children is different from the psychology of adults. It’s not uncommon for an unauthorized situation for such a child at school to be abused: they despise, shame her.

Rarely, but a miracle happens. When the position of parents and teachers on the issue of appropriate behavior for a disabled child is intertwined, our classmates, behaving like advocates and followers of that, are patient and helpful. The principle of “different but equal” is being done in an effective way. Integrated training is beneficial not only for the disabled child but also for healthy, adult children. Feeling support from senior and peer, disabled student effectively masters of college; his confidence rises, he calmly and calmly overcomes all difficulties.

The quality of life of a disabled person’s future does not depend on the level of knowledge he or she receives, but rather on how friendly and professional he is, how he can handle life. He can learn everything in the realm of other healthy peers.

Today’s school can help a “real” student reach a level that will enable him to adapt to life, continue his education, find work in life. When planning a training for a disabled child, the following problems arise:

It is the reluctance of teachers to teach a healthy child in general and in general

Most teachers will have to control if an integrated education program is introduced in schools. Not many teachers are ready to teach at the same time two classes of children. After all, this will not only improve the preparation of the lesson, the writing of the lesson plan and the development of practical materials, but also the ability to really bring him / her educational materials.

The problem is the lack of qualified staff

Often the school manager is not able to adequately arrange for the free access of a disabled person to school. The role of the classroom teacher and the teachers of education is not enough. To create a good balance between children, to quickly resolve conflict situations, we also need a psychologist, a travel companion or a deaf-and-mute. In many schools, especially remote and small, there are no such places in the area.

The last problem is student identity

This problem is facing disabled graduates. In recent years, the critical status of exceeding their final debt has been eliminated. They are prohibited from taking exams on the walls of their school, in front of their teachers and classmates. But what will happen to the “real” student (especially if he has mental and emotional problems), if he dramatically changes his situation during the exam? Kidney problems can occur in ordinary students, and for a disabled person, a test outside of school is a surprise.

Help the disabled person

There are, of course, many other rules and regulations regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities, but it is also true that in many cases this law has not been fulfilled. Consequently, it is common to see people with physical disabilities being unable to find other places in our cities. Sometimes, the blind are those who have problems doing any daily activities, and many people wonder how they can help themselves.

An important advice if you want to help a disabled person in time is to try to put yourself in their place so they know what they need. We cannot extend the path, but we can help the person in the wheelchair overcome some obstacles. And we can’t do anything if the electric car has no signs, but we can give a hand to the blind crossing the road. Physical contact is very important for people with intellectual disabilities. A hand support on the shoulder is a great way to look for a person with visual or hearing problems and remember that people with intellectual disabilities should not be referred to as children, but with love and stupid language.

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